Street lamps that are either central hanging or affixed to walls fall under the responsibility of the Council.  Maintenance is carried out by Council’s contractor which binds him with a 5-day limit to repair damaged lamps.

Still the contractor is limited to the lamp from Enemalta connection onwards only and hence, should the fault be beyond the actual line connection, Enemalta will be called in to repair from their end without any time frame for such repairs.

Lamps on poles still fall under Enemalta’s responsibility, and therefore the Local Council is unable to guarantee a time-frame for repairs on these type of lamps.  In such a case the Local Council is only obliged to repair the fault to Enemalta.

The Local Council is also responsible for the installation of new street lights.  Residents wishing to apply for a new street lamp will be requested to call at the office to fill up a form.  Applications will be considered according to priorities.

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